Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Perfect Rainy Day

With brief visits from Mr. Sun, my attention has been divided.  We got a ton of much needed yardwork done on Monday and with Tuesday beding a double shift, I was only able to scour Craigslist on my breaks for garden treasures.  I found an awesome concrete bubble fountain with lions on it for $50.00! I sent the picture to Tom, who gave it 2 thumbs up and called the owner to see if it was still available.  SCORE!!! It had not been sold yet, so yesterday we headed into Portland and picked it up.  It is the perfect anchor to one of the front beds.  Of course the rain rolled back in on Tuesday, so working outside in the dirt wasn't a great option, so we did some reconnaisance work at Home Depot and Drake's Seven D's nursery.  We decided on the stack stones we wanted to edge the bed and imagine my happiness when I opened the Home Depot ad and see our stones on sale! Sure glad we didn't buy them yesterday! Must be a sign! We bought fish food for the Koi that seem to live on in our pond despite the lack of attention they get.  Tom also got major points by stopping at Fabric Depot, becasue we just "happened" to be passing by it.  They were having their 25% off everything sale, which is a precursor to their weekend 35% off everything sale.  This sale is not for the faint of heart (or impatient) because it gets CRAZY in there. It's usually worth 10% to me to avoid that.  Tom found a lovely black seersucker in the clearance racks that I had to have.  It was ridiculously inexpensive so I bought it all.  I also found a coordinating print to make a skirt.  When I got home I perused my Burda magazines and changed gears from my original thought and this fabric is destined to become a LBD from the May 2008 issue.  This sheath had been on my radar since the issue came out, but sometimes you have to wait till you find the perfect fabric.  I have a beautiful red to line it, so it should be quite the dress.  Tom scores again with his fashion finding skills.  He also is great to take clothes shopping...always points out things I might otherwise overlook that turn out to look great on me. I guess he looks at me more than I do! Tom was exhausted from being up most of the night at work (the life of a fireman) so yesterday afternoon was a lazy one, tracing patterns, cutting out fabric and eating soup and sandwiches for dinner.  A perfect rainy day!

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gMarie said...

sounds like a fabulous day. Hope you get more sunny ones soon. g

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