Sunday, June 27, 2010


Since we are studentless this week I am able to take a little time off, so we are taking off for the old folks home to do a little fishing! This may be our only opportunity to make it over with the boat this summer, so I am hoping to catch alot of Kokanee (I'm the Kokanee Queen of this family!).  Tom knows that I am serious about my fishing and when we go's on Baby!!! I also pulled out my fly box and am going to try to get in a little fly fishing.  I am still quite a novice and have not done it for a few years, but I really enjoyed the process of fly fishing when I did.  We went to a seminar at the Sportsman's Show last February that got me pumped to pull out the ol' fly rod.  It's a much more active type of fishing.  Not that I don't enjoy trolling with a good book or jiggin'...I like getting jiggy with it!  I finished hemming the bridesmaid dress for Su Young, so that will not be hanging over my head when I return and I almost have a skirt finished...maybe if I have time tonight after dinner.  Off now to finish the packing...maybe i'll post from the old folks home if we make it to the truck wi-fi at Gordy's!!!

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Linda L said...

My DH use to fly fish and tie his own flies. I not got into fly fishing but I do love to fish in the flats in the Gulf of Mexico.

Enjoy your fishing and time off!

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