Sunday, June 8, 2008

Look quick...we have SUNSHINE!!!

But it's not supposed to stay for long (big sigh). I have taken advantage of it though. I spent an hour out in the garden last night, replanting some cranberry beans that didn't fare so well in this rainy weather, thinning out the radishes, pulling a few weeds and anhilating a couple of rogue slugs that dared cross the line I drew in the dirt! Did I mention I hate slugs? Well I do. I see no good purpose for them other than feeding ducks, of which I have none. So no slugs for me. I made some sewing progress last night and this morning. I worked on Butterick B5406 last night and was not happy with how it was going. The fabric is a pretty gauzy print and part of the problem I can probably blame on poor cutting (or poor ironing before cutting). I will make it work, but I like it much more when things go together without a hitch. The other project I am working on is a summer skirt in a tutti-frutti print from JoAnns, and it is coming along quite nicely. The skirt pattern escapes me at the moment, but it is part of a sportswear ensemble. All that is left is the last side seam, the zipper, finish the yoke and hem. With the return of the rain in the next day or two, I should get these projects both done. I have another skirt and dress cut out, plus the green coat, but I am not even worrying about that right now. It sits there patiently waiting for me...just like a dirty dish someone forgot to wash...eventually it will get washed...uh, I mean made! I did do some awesome thrift shopping on my way home from work yesterday. I stopped at the Goodwill to do some browsing. I find you must be willing to dig around and be vigilant to find the treasures, because there aren't always treasures every time you go thrifting. Anyway, I found the most perfect pair of beige Naturalizer Mary Jane strap pumps (I didn't even know Naturalizer made heels) that were brand new for $6.99! Since brown and tan are the staple neutrals of the wardrobe I am building, I simply had to have them! When I made my purchase, the clerk said "Oh, you qualify for the bonus is a voucher for $10.00." Sweet! Since I only had thirty days to use it, I figured I would browse a little more and just spend it then. I collect movies and all their movies are generally $1.99, so I knew I could find something to cart home. I don't know how I missed it on my first pass throught the store, but I found a big bag of sewing notions for $7.99. I latched onto that baby and picked up "The Scent of a Woman" on VHS and that bonus was gone save for 2 cents! Upon closer inspection of my treasure, I discovered a spool of waterproof green moire trim that is absolutely what I need for my swing reupholstery project. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to trim the canopy (the old canopy has a similar trim), so now I do. My smart@$$ hunny remarked "good thing you waited to start that project" (it's needed reupholstery for a LONG time!) I counted 40 zippers, most new in package and about 25 unopened packages of seam binding and hem lace in various colors. On top of that was a big wad of ribbon that needs to be separated and lovingly wound on spools for future use, but there was some great brown and black grosgrain that I already have designs on!!! The best thing is that it didn't cost me anything extra. I love it when a plan comes together!

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