Monday, October 6, 2008

Music Monday?

Well, maybe not. I have not been listening to much music lately. Maybe because I have not been in the studio much lately and doing other things. Been watching a lot of news regarding the stock market (God, will I EVER be able to retire?) and other political hoo-haw. I promise I won't use my blog to spout my political beliefs, because 1.) I know what I believe and 2.) Anyone who reads my blog probably doesn't care what I believe! In our early married years, my Hunny tried to convince me that we needed to vote as a block, because if I voted differently than him, we would cancel each other out. Sure, we have debates and most of the time we agree on the issues, but I'll let you in on a dirty little vote is MY vote and I vote for what I believe in. 'Nuff said! How did I get to this topic...oh music. I do have a new CD that Sara made for me with some new artists...perhaps I will listen to it tomorrow when I finish cleaning up the studio. I decided this morning that I needed to swamp out my sewing space before I sew anything else because the messiness was getting to me. I'm not a neat freak by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like some organization in my world. I'm going to put together a box of scraps for my boss' granddaughter who is interested in sewing. That's really how I started...designing for Barbie. Back to the morning, I spent some quality time with Peaches, my cockatiel, letting her ride around on my shoulder while I sterilized her cage. I like to run the perches, swings, food dishes and cage bottom throught the dishwasher when I clean them. She likes to be out with me...she's been lonely since we lost Darla. Once the studio is clean, I have a fleece jacket, a Patrones skirt with a jacket from one of the big 4...can't remember which company, and the green coat. I need to cut the new lining out for the coat and you know, it will probably be one of those projects that I will kick myself for dragging my feet so long. Such is life. Also on tap are the dog's Halloween costumes (Man, I need Grandkids!!!) Jo will be the devil and of course, Avis is an angel. Avis won't be working on Halloween, but maybe we can have a party for them earlier in the week. I also am making Jo an angel costume too, because it doesn't take much fabric to dress a pomeranian!

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Kat said...

Yeah, I was on the treadmill at the gym watching the Dow/Jones numbers plummet. It was at 9600 when I got off. Still haven't opened my investment account envelopes I received yesterday either. How much bad news can a girl take in one day?

Anyway, we have cockatiel too! His name is, what else, Spike. How original, huh.

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