Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dude! You're Getting a Dell!

I told my husband that was going to be the title of my next blog entry while we were on our way to pick up our new Dell processor from Best Buy yesterday. He just shook his head...he thinks I'm crazy! Actually I was quite proud of all the research he did before we purchased it. It could not have been simpler ordering it on line and then driving to the store to pick up. None of this driving around to be told that the model we wanted was at another store. We also purchased Microsoft Office for a ridiculously low Black Friday price (also ordered online). Monday I am going to go order our high speed...ah, Merry Christmas to us!!! We also popped into JoAnn's to pick up some supplies for the harness bag I am making for my friend Kim. She actually asked me to make one a long time ago and I had decided to come through for her Christmas present. I designed the bag to her specs...she wanted a special poop bag dispenser on the front (my friend Kim is a Guide Dog user for those of you wondering why anyone would need a bag with a poop bag dispenser...LOL). It is always fun to design something new, but can be tedious as you figure things out. I had laid awake for a couple nights figuring before I cut into my muslin. After a rough prototype, I decided to just go for it and cut into the purple ripstop (another request...Kim is a purple girl) It actually went together pretty well, but when I got to the harness attachment piece, I realized I was out of black webbing. I have limited sewing supplies in the small town I live in and there was no black webbing to be had yesterday, so to JoAnn's it was. I decided to get some 2" stetch belting and velcro rather than use the buckles I have used in the past. My dear husband offered to stand in the long cutting line to allow me some time to shop the sale. He joined other well seasoned husbands, who nod and understand what it's like...they are kindred brothers in the cloth! I checked out the beads, which were pretty picked over by late afternoon, so I headed to the patterns because Butterick was on sale for 99 cents. I had hoped to get in and out before my Hunny caught up with me, but he caught me with my hand in the pattern drawer. "Don't have enough patterns?" I looked sheepish..."It's a new design", I stammered. He likes to give me shit! I was good, I only purchased one that really caught my eye. I could have gotten more, but why be greedy and truth be told, I have many patterns that have not been sewn yet. (But still we want more!) The chosen one is Butterick 5277 . I plan to sew view C in a nice plaid I bought from Trendy Fabrics last Spring...maybe with some piping around the collar. I may try view B in a knit and omit the zipper depending on how it fits. I just liked the lines and the raglan sleeves. I also see altering the bodice to add some soft pleats at the neck line maybe for a Spring dress. Anyway...I digress...the harness bag. We get home and I am excited to finish this project so I excuse myself to the studio because it's going to take maybe 1/2 hour to complete? Well, maybe if you sew the straps to the right side it might. I got all done (I thought) to discover I had made a rookie mistake. I could have cried had it not been so stupid. So my knight in shining armor came to my rescue once again and finished dinner while I ripped what I had sewn! The project is now complete save for a little fray check on the belting. To put an exclamation point on the day, I went upstairs to get towels for a trip to the hot tub and when I went to undress I noticed my T-shirt looked kind of funny..I had worn it backwards all work. Some days you just have to laugh...or CRY!!!

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Kat said...

I'm SO happy for you!!! You will love your new high speed connection. Make sure you takes pics of the bag you're making for your friend. And your husband stands in line for you, Mary? What a keeper. Mine won't even think about going in the store with me LOL.