Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Afternoon of Sewing and Movies

I dearly miss my Hunny when he goes away on his man vacations, but his absence does allow my ample time to hang out in the studio. I had a hold to pick up at the library, so I took the opportunity to peruse the movies. There was quite a good selection, so I brought home a stack of movies to watch. I went with "The Dark Knight" first, which I was truly surprised that I enjoyed it so much. I have watched all the Batman movies, so I though ho, hum...more of the same. Christian Bale, for all of his diva-ish behavior made a good Batman and so tragic that this movie was Heath Ledger's last performance. Now I am rocking out to "Mamma Mia". I am from the Abba generation, so this is awesome! Thank goodness it's just the pets here to hear me singing!!! I think Jo is hiding!!! I have "Charlie Wilson's War" to finish out movie night. And while all this merriment is going on I managed to complete BWOF 1-2009 top 110. It is classic BWOF with it's plunging neckline...nothing that a cami can't cure. Tomorrow Sara is coming over to work on her dress for Bryce's graduation. We are having a slumber party. She has a 7 mile run in the morning training for another marathon. I may go run too, but definitely not 7 miles. That would be it for the day for me if I ran that far!!! Guess I better rest up!!!


Anonymous said...

Me likey this top. Might have to make one for myself! Love you. :)

Summerset said...

Oh, I love it! Thanks for showing this, I've been contemplating make this pattern, but haven't committed. A camisole helps a lot of BWOF models.

Kat said...

Another great top! That sounds so relaxing--an afternoon sewing and watching a movie! The Dark Knight was definitely better than I thought it would be 'cuz I did not like Batman Begins. A pleasant surprise.