Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cutting and Crochet

Today I worked on cutting out some some tops that I can whip up in a hurry. Both are BWOF, but I don't have the numbers. I will give more details when they are done. I like to batch my tasks for maximum production, so if I'm cutting I try to cut more than one garment if possible. I also try to do things with like colors so I can sew without thread color change, especially for the serger. I baked a loaf of french bread to go with the lasagne that's baking for dinner. Tom asked me to make something for one of our volunteers whose wife is expecting, so I dug out some yarn and will start a baby afghan after dinner. Tom is preparing for eye surgery tomorrow so we have been hanging out in the family room, watching...what else...NCIS!!! They are predicting snow tomorrow and I will be driving him home from the surgery center...he says "Thank God I won't be able to see" ha...Ha...HA!!!


Julia said...

I usually cut out all of my grandkids outfits at one time, too. It seems like the sewing goes much quicker that way. I may not do that for Easter though. Dinner sounds yummy. I can almost smell the bread!

Amy said...

hope all goes well! drive safe!

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