Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hello Kitty

This morning I had my little man over while his parents went to their ultrasound appointment. What a joyful morning it was! It has been weeks since I babysat him and you know how fast kids grow and change at that age. He has more words now and loves to say "Hi Kitty!" He was so gentle with Figgy and they both enjoyed it. Hayden loves animals, so he had fun playing with "Do-Do" (aka Jo-Jo). Do-Do was the recipient of most of Hayden's scrambled eggs and cheese, so he was game for anything that the little pes dispenser wanted to do. We watched "He-Man, Master of the Universe" episodes (Thanks Sara & Bryce) and Sponge-Bob Square Pants which is his favorite. I had only watched it one other time and it was the same episode! I think there must only be one and they play it over and over! We also walked on the treadmill which Hayden thought was great fun with Aunt Mary and then he did some chin ups on the hand support. He has incredible upper body strength for a little guy. It was hard to get a picture because my arms are ready to catch him. His Dad says he trys to pull himself up on the fire truck down at the station. He definitely is all boy. I hope his new little sister can hold her own...oops, there it is...I spilled the beans!!! After Hayden went home I ran (okay, I drove) to Sandy to do some errands. I filled a script for Tom and did some grocery shopping. I noticed that the Quizno's had closed. There are a few empty spaces in this strip mall. Baskin & Robbins is at the west end. I walked over and had a scoop of Dacquiri Ice on a sugar cone. It's my patriotic duty to stimulate the economy and help prevent the closure of B & R! Then I went to the library and picked up a copy of Darius Rucker's country CD (Yes, It's Hootie without the Blowfish). I'm loving his new sound and this album is definitely a keeper. And how do you top off the perfect day? Heading up to the studio to sew!!!


Anonymous said...

Adorable!! Figgy looks stoked. Tell Jason & Annie congratulations!!! :)

Julia said...

What a cute little man; that's what we call our grand son, too. We get to see our little man soon. Can't wait. They live soooooo faarrrrr away!!! Thanks for keeping BRs in business. In my little town, we don't have one, but I try to keep Walmart and Ingle's in business. About the only two places to shop. We have to drive 30 to 60 minutes to really do any shopping. That's ok I hate traffic!

Maryissewfast said...

Okay Punkin...I'm sure TRAVIS will appreciate the good wishes!!! That's funny though...Jason used to tease Trav that he was Hayden's daddy!!!