Sunday, February 22, 2009

When it Rains... pours!!! Does it ever seem like life is coming at you fast? Or maybe it's just me and how I react to it. I have this long list of things I must accomplish...many of them time sensitive, i.e. dogs must have rabies boosters because their licenses are due soon; the EMP6 needs to go for service because the warranty is up equally soon, OMG!!! We need to do the taxes, but are still waiting for a 1099...the car license is due soon, which means a trip to the DEQ, but the "check engine" light is on...OH NO!!! I think I need to just take a chill pill and sew for awhile. Clear my head!!! I know the stress is self inflicted...things will get done and there is always another "crisis", so why worry? I am truly blessed...I have basicly good health and a wonderful loving family and friends. I had a busy morning...baked goodies for Tom to take fishing...cleaned the bird cage and moved stuff down to the trailer. Went shopping before work to get some baby stuff for all the baby showers I've been invited to. I have lots of girl stuff in reserve, but boy stuff usually entails a trip to the store if I don't have enough lead time to make something. Fred Meyers is having a 70% off clearance sale, so I got some cute Carter's things for a song. I also picked up a fireman related outfit for my Grandma hope chest. They had a cute little musher jacket too, but in this economy I shouldn't go too hog wild (and a good thing too, because right after shop-a-palooza the "check engine" light went on!!! LOL) I did a quick pass through Goodwill as well and found a DVD/VCR deck that was 50% off so I picked it up for the trailer. I had seen a couple in there a few weeks ago, but was not willing to pay full price on a gamble (I'm such a tightwad!!!), but for under $20.00 I'll take a chance. The last one I bought there for the sewing studio worked out fine. I can always take it back for credit if it doesn't work. I am finally reading "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyers (probably one of the last on the planet!) Not a Pulitzer prize winner, but it really is quite entertaining. I have already requested the next books in the series from the library. Sometimes you have to read something light to take your mind off the "check engine" light! Guess I better go read now! :)

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Julia said...

I read the first two Twilight books and I think I've decided not to waste my time on the other two. My daughters loved them and if i had more time to read right now, I might too. I'm not into fantasy usually, but these were ok. I do like children's fantasy most of the time.

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