Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shop Victoriously

Or what Mary does when she is bored...LOL!!! I had a little free time today and found myself monkeying around on ebay. Now I know I do not need any more vintage patterns...I have plenty to make most anything I want. I feel confident I have the skills to knock off most any design that grabs my attention. Yet still I go browse. Can anyone relate??? Actually I got some great patterns that have fabric waiting for them. There was a lot of 9 vintage patterns in my size that were amazing going for $1.99 with 2 minutes to go. That was too much for me to handle...I gambled with a $4.00 bid. Congratulations, the computer screen said. You are the high bidder. I fully expected to refresh and find that the hopeful person who had it for $1.99 was going to knock me off with a wee bit higher bid. Surprise! I was the winner of this great lot of vintage patterns. That was rather fun so I browsed a little more and found this Goddess dress that took my breath away. What? no one has bid on this beauty? Okay, I'll give you a dollar for it. I had the bid for 99 cents. Almost 2 hours to go on the auction. Someone must be out there...watching and waiting for the right time to strike. Eh...I have some holds at the library...I'll go pick them up and if I win it, I win it. (Said as I secretly sent prayers that it would be mine) Prayers answered! I have the most perfect turquoise knit destined to become my Goddess dress. I had a similar dress in my 20's that I dearly loved. Let's hope it plays as well at 50! Now I must back away from the computer lest I have the urge to return to ebay!


Rachel said...

That Goddess dress is GORGEOUS!!!

Kat said...

Wow! That was a fun cyber shopping event :) . At a recession-busting cost to boot.

Sharon Sews said...

I want that goddess dress pattern! I can't wait to see it made up - you'll look fabulous!