Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blissful Day to Myself

I have been blessed with a blissful day to myself. My "Marlboro Man" is riding the range whooping "git along lil' doggy" or something like that (Yep, he REALLY is riding the range gathering up the cows) and I have caught up on all my orders. I spent my morning talking to my best girl and then in her honor I plugged "Notting Hill" in the VCR because I wanted a little UK and she could actually jaunt over to Notting Hill if she wanted to.  Besides, sewing to a good romantic comedy makes for a nice afternoon.  The skirt is to the hand sewing stage, which I think I will save for Project Runway, so now I am having a spot of lunch and watching Food Network (my latest guilty pleasure)  Love the Barefoot Contessa! I registered for my marathon bib is going to say "Nana2Be" to dovetail Sara's that will say "Mama2Be"  She is concerned people might think she is just chubby rather than pregnant! After lunch I think I will do a quick training run and then back to the sewing studio to see what other things I can create.  What a great day!


KID, MD said...

Yay for a quiet day to yourself! Enjoy!

Julia said...

I love a day to myself!!