Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I hate Skunks!!!

Every Spring we are graced with the return of the wildlife...Last week Kodi took out an opossum.  This is his third that I am aware of, or I should say that I disposed of.  He also tries to befriend the black and white kitties...the ones that smell bad.  Oh yeah, Kodi got his annual skunking today. It's an annual event.  I keep Hydrogen Peroxide and cheap shampoo on hand just for that reason.  Poor guy...he rolled in everything he could to try and mask the the scent.  I believe it happened in or around the vicinity of my car that is parked outside since we are finishing the hardwood stairs in the garage...Yuck!!! It's not horrible bad, but let's just say a little tree is not going to cut it!  It will eventually go away...I learned that from running over a dead skunk once...I don't recommend it.  The funniest skunk story I have is one day my husband was riding his bike home from work...he parks the truck sometimes and rides his bike when the weather allows.  A couple of old guys who were fishing across the road tossed a dead skunk off the road right in front of my husband as he rode by. The skunk smelled so bad he almost fell off his bike because he thought he was going to yak. I'm sorry.  I think it's funny!!!! :)  Anyway, my afternoon project was giving Kodi a bath.  He was very happy to have a bath.  After I finished that I decided that I would spend a little time in the studio and sew something for me.  I have projects requested for others, but sometimes you have to move yourself to the head of the line.  I present to you a self drafted dolman sleeve cowl top.  It actually looks better than the picture...I tried to get a pic without dragging out the tripod.  Well, my hunny is home, so time to sign off...Later


Julia said...

The top looks great on you! I'm glad you are sewing something for yourself!
I drove past a skunk that had been run over in the middle of the road yesterday. Shoooooooo!!!!! It really stunk!

gwensews said...

Nice top and wow, self-drafted! Nice work. I life rural, and see a lot of road-kill, including skunks. When driving, you play "dodge-em-deer".

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

Love that top! It is so cheerful for the coming of Spring (please tell me spring is coming).

sanjeet said...

It really stunk!
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