Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday

I resisted Fabric.com only to spend money in a different way.  I visited my favorite local thrift store today and was rewarded for my diligence! 2 new pairs of Levi 515's in talls made it home with me.  Truly it is not worth my effort to make jeans when the perfect fitting pairs are practically given to me. I picked up a Harve' Benard wool cashmere jacket in the most delicious shade of orange...immediately wore it to work today...it is so soft and yummy.  As if that were not enough, I picked up a new Calvin Klein cardigan in a dark heathered grey with slightly belled sleeves...will go nicely with the new jeans. Lastly I picked up a trench style rain jacket in a khaki (also wore to work).  Oh, and some movies for the collection...Miracle on 34th Street...love old movies!  My Mother would be proud (and probably arm wrestling me for the sweater!!!)

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