Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yesterday's shopping adventure was a smashing success. We embarked with a loose list of things we were looking for, keeping our eyes wide open for those unexpected treasures. Here are a few of the finds I went home with. First off I found a Prada wallet. I had been thinking lately that I needed to update my wallet, but I almost choked when I found this beauty in a basket for $3.95! Never been used! Schwing!!!
 A little more rooting around netted me the matching handbag at $4.95! Double Schwing!!! I'm sure they are probably knock offs, but seriously, look where I am shopping? Do I strike you as label snobby? (Well, maybe I am getting that way, because I was all kinds of excited about this purchase!)
My friend had a new bag on her radar and picked up an awesome Kate Spade bag and a messenger/backpack type bag that will be perfect for schlepping her stuff back and forth to work. It has some kind of logo on it that needs to be covered, but lucky girl knows someone with an embroidery machine that can fix that (once she figures out what she wants on it!) Another friend could not be with us yesterday (Boo!) but we did find something for her too and I embellished it last night because your Tinkerbell bag has to be personalized!
There were other treasures to be sure, but some are gifts and I did not photograph all of my friend's goodies.  I did get some shots of us in action, but those are going in the vault (for now bwahahahaha!).  We stopped for lunch at Chevy's because we were totally exhausted after a morning of thrifting.  It was a good thing because after lunch we did some grocery shopping at Trader Joes, and we probably would have bought out the store had we not eaten first!  I got a big ol' tub of dark chocolate covered ginger...Happy Birthday to Me!!! It was fun to spend the day with a friend...I need to make more time to do that...yay for girl time.  Days off ahead, so stay tuned for more top-a-palooza and baby sewing!

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Claire S. said...

Aren't girl days great ?!

Love the Prada, who cares if they're knockoffs - they look good :-)