Friday, March 19, 2010

Eating Good in the Neighborhood

The boys went fishing today.  I did my part by keeping the baby.  No sewing, but did I ever have a good day!  So did the boys! They brought home this delicious sturgeon and not more than an hour after this picture was taken, some of that fishy deliciousness was in the pan!  Don't worry Sara, we have some in the freezer for when you come home...mmmm...had to be the best sturgeon ever!!!  This was Payton's first time staying with someone other than family and she did beautifully! We played, we took a walk outside and watched butterflies and picked up pine cones, we watched Cinderella and snuggled in the recliner.  Figgy joined us and Payton twiddled his ear ever so gently as she went to sleep...Ahhhh!!! I am exhausted though! There's a reason why the childbearing years are when we are younger!  Just practicing to be a Grandma!!!


KID, MD said...

So fun!! That fish is enormous!

Maryissewfast said...

Katie...that's just over legal keeper size...we have had 7 footers in the boat before, which is over the legal keeper size...its hard physically (and emotionally) to throw back a fish that big!!! Makes for a lot of fun in the boat though!!!