Friday, March 5, 2010

Just a Quickie...

My last day off before returning to work for a double...I did something to my left shoulder/back so my left side is killing me!  Guess no heavy lifting today. I can sew though.  I think I'll knock out replacing the pocket bags on Malinda's "found" Eddie Bauer jacket and then return to top-a-looza.  I ran errands yesterday, taking our taxes over to the accountant. We usually like to have a sit down with them, but really things are pretty straightforward and finding a time when we are both available is near to impossible!  The business lost money this year, so hopefully our tax bill won't be too outrageous! Anyhoo, I was able to visit JoAnn's to pick up some of the Butterick patterns on sale for 99 cents.  Score!!! Picked up a new Maggie London dress.  Her designs always make up so well and are flattering for my figure.  Truly I did not need any new patterns, but at 99 cents they are my guilty pleasure. I also picked up a cute maternity pattern for Sara and a dog raincoat pattern for Mom's doxies...easier to justify that purchase.  I also received notice that I will be getting some of the patterns I requested at Pattern Rescue...just not sure which ones yet.  I'm making chili for the boys tonight, so I better go attend to that, but there definitely will be some sewing going on today!

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