Saturday, March 13, 2010

What was I thinking???

7 1/2 miles in on the treadmill yesterday. Wow! Pass the ibuprofen please!!! Ah, it will be alright...I'm a tough girl...that's more than half of the half marathon distance (would that make it a "quarter marathon"?) I couldn't believe how incredibly hungry I was after! Thank God for Trader Joes! Afterwards I hobbled upstairs to the sewing studio and started working on a wool plaid skirt I had cut out a while ago.  It is going together pretty smoothly.  I need to cut out a lining for it and should be able to whip it up this afternoon or tomorrow morning.  The color palette is a nice sage green and turquoise on a creamy base. Turquoise seems to be the color I am gravitating to this season.  I also have a sage colored twill pant cut out that I should finish before I go crazy on the cutting table again.  I really enjoyed the power sewing I did with all the tops.  It helps to cut a bunch at a time and then do things in operations.  I only changed to cover stitch once rather than 6 times, which is helpful.  Not that converting is difficult, but it does take a little time.  I thought about having a stand alone serger and a coverstitch machine, but truly there isn't enough table space!  I just bought some adorable embroidery designs from a new site to me: Watts Embroidery I just love the Stella designs and can see using them on a lot of projects.  $2.50 a set is an awesome bargain.  She has actual stitchouts to see, so the quality should be fine...Stay tuned for Stella!  Remember that this weekend is daylight's savings and time to turn the clock forward.  I much prefer "falling back" to "springing forward"!

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