Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Back to Work

I went to work after a visit to the Clinic. I am committing to finding out what is going on with my pain issues, which means I have to go see a rheumatologist. They got me an appointment within 2 weeks, which is pretty amazing...the bad news is that I have to go into the BIG CITY for this initial appointment. I could have been a big fat chicken and wait 3 months to get into the eastside clinic, but that isn't very brave and doesn't show much commitment. Hopefully this will result in better living without pain anymore. Work was okay...I made headway on calling the students for the next class...they are predicting snow tomorrow, so we will see about the commute! As for sewing, I am letting it be for tonight...I'm tired and bed is looking really inviting...I will have Friday blissfully to myself to create!!!

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