Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Break...Here I Come!!!

Well not exactly, but today is graduation day for the last class of the year, so my duties and working schedule will change a bit and I am headed for some time off in the near future. What to do...what to do??? I know...I think I will sew! The cleaning is going sewing studio is pretty much swamped out (one good sew session should turn it into a no fly zone again!) The floor is cleaned and all the stray threads have been vacuumed off the rug. My back table is organized with projects cut out to sew...a summer dress (well intentioned for this past I am ahead for NEXT summer), a vintage top that I loved in the 70's (No, I did not cut it out in the 70's, for those of you who know me!!!); some simple tanks (again for summer), plus a RTW top that I bought at a steal that was a size 16 that needs to be altered to a 10/12. Also awaiting my sewing skills are the carharrt pants that Tom set on fire welding (patch...maybe with something cute embroidered on them like "Flame On") and some dress pants he needs hemmed. Those should be quick to knock out. I have been so focused on embroidery projects that need my direct attention that I have not spent much time on regular sewing. Of course I probably won't be able to stand the quiet and may throw on the dish towels I bought at IKEA for me. I'm thinking Embroidery Library's Toile Farm Animals, because they are darn cute and require little interaction from me beyond hooping and pushing the button (Touch wood...can't be too superstitious when it comes to embroidery machine voodoo). I have all day tomorrow to myself as Tom is on duty and my presence will not be needed until dinner time. Hopefully Tom will come home from Coos Bay with a lot of crab, so dinner will be as simple as making a big salad and french bread. I may go shopping...better check the JoAnn flyer to see what I absolutely must have...yeah, that's a pretty good one I know. My latest plan is to go through all my books and craft leaflets to see what I can live without. There is no way I can do all the projects I have planned, but I guess dreaming about projects is half the fun. Hmmm!

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