Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Just a little note to wish everyone a Merry Christmas...I have added some pictures as it is the time of the year when we torture the pets with cutsie outfits. Poor Jo is usually the recipient of this silly tradition. I tried to put a gold lame' boot on Figgy, but he wasn't having it. Jo did much better walking in his boots this year...he didn't try to walk on his front paws as he has in years past...maybe he has resigned himself to the fact that he lives with a bunch of crazy people who play with their pets for entertainment. I think he gets enough enjoyment out of us that it makes up for all the silliness. We had Christmas eve with the kids last night...they gave us the coolest digital photo frame with all the wedding pics and some other family photos. I love it...one of the best gifts ever!!! Technology can be a very good thing sometimes!. We had the requested parmesan chicken and roasted rosemary potatoes for dinner...no dessert...everyone was pretty well stuffed with that and some fresh pineapple with cottage cheese. Smoked prime rib tonight baby!!! I need to go put together the hot crab dip and figure out what recipe I plan to use for the rolls. I made some bread last night for Travis...he loves my homemade bread and I love making it...makes me feel close to Grandma!!! Well, I'd best get at it...maybe some sewing will get done today!!!! (Since we were out of power for most of the day yesterday...and Tom did offer to run a cord up from the generator so I could sew!!! What a Sweetie!!!)

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