Saturday, December 8, 2007

Visit from an old Friend

Who can it be? A childhood pal or someone from the distant past? Nope! I was cruising a vintage pattern site, looking back at patterns from the 70's when I spotted a familiar pattern that I made in my teens when I was a neophyte seamstress. I sewed a lot when I was young because growing up in a big family without a lot of money that was the only way I was going to get new clothes. We received a lot of hand me downs, which was always fun for me. Looking back now I realize we were pretty poor, but it didn't seem like it back then. My Grandma gave me old dresses that I would cut down to make "designer originals". I really didn't have boundaries then in my sewing...I was more willing to take chances. I learned a lot in those early sewing years. I wish I still had some of those old patterns, but truth be told...I would need to make them bigger these days. Maybe I can find them a larger size!

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