Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's my Friday...

No need to check your calendar...it is Tuesday by the traditional calendar, but it is day5 at work, which means I am entitled to a couple of days away from the salt mine!!! Friday (the real Friday) when I go back I get to attend the volunteer luncheon which should be fun and calorie laden. Catherine and Kristyn have been busy creating a wonderful feast. I'm very thankful for our volunteers and the good food of which I am lucky enough to partake of! But I digress...sewing...that's what this blog is about, isn't it? Directly after I finish screwing around on the computer I will head to the inner sanctum to create today's masterpiece. I don't have high expectations of accomplishing much this morning since I do have to go to work, but the must finish project is a case for the compass I bought for my Hunny for our anniversary. I plan to embroider "You are my True North" onto some pre-quilted fabric and make a nice zippered bag he can toss in his pocket. His old compass broke and he just wants another simple one. He has a GPS, but we are simple folk, you know and sometimes you just need a compass to get you heading in the right direction. It worked for thousands of years before technology brought us great electronics. I am not knocking electronics...the good Lord knows how much I covet my embroidery machines (oops, is that a sin?), but relying on your senses and your environment are also good skills to hone. The Christmas advent stockings have started, so I will leave you with pictures of this years "snake surprise". I don't think Sara has found my blog yet, so I am probably safe to publish this. I will send her a link after I get the "Thanks alot Mother!!!" phone call...evil laugh!!! M

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