Friday, March 26, 2010

Skirt is done...Now what?

I finished the skirt before the latest episode of Project Runway started.  If I am home alone and in charge of the television, I watch the previous episode first, because one showing of the local news and the national news is good enough for me...a repeat of last week's PR...well that's just mindless fun!  I was totally shocked by who went home this week (I won't mention any names so as to spoil it for Bryce, but Punkin, you really must download and watch soon!) We'll chat later!  I did some cross stitching since the hand sewing was done and I was too tired to start something new.  This morning I am fresh and ready to begin again...ooh, the possibilities!  Tomorrow I return to work and then Monday I am taking off for Lapine to celebrate my birthday! I'm a little nervous about crossing the pass as a new snow storm has came in, but hopefully things will clear up by Monday.  I have studded snow tires and I shouldn't be such a wimp, but ever since I crashed on an icy bridge, I get a little twitchy in the winter.  Guess it's time to get over it since I plan to spend the rest of my life in a winter wonderland!  Off to see what the day brings!


Julia said...

I was surprised, too. I really thought that ugly long striped monstrosity would be the one to lose.

Maryissewfast said...

Absolutely Julia...I agree...the model couldn't even walk in it! Or the ugly fabric with the disco straight jacket should have went...that was ugly!!!